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New Year Trials
This is the third year that I have lost family members and I'm hoping that the universe will give me a break in 2016. This year I lost my grandmother and an aunt within a week of one another and both were unexpected. Same as in the past, my family and I are trying to soldier on, but sometimes it's hard.

Again I over estimated my word count, 150,901-60% of estimated 250k, but with the wonderful beta skills of my dear masja_17 I think that I wrote some of my best stories this year. I'm going to keep at it until I reach my goal-again I'm going to try for 250k, so cross your fingers for me.

Happy New Year everyone!


Alaska 12,108
Two Alphas walk into a bar...88,181
Free your mind instead 2,315
The prints of its handlers 22,583
Happily ever after 10,499
Afraid of the fall 18,226

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I wish you an awesome, stress-free 2016! You deserve a break.

Thank you! It feels as though I'm beginning to see my way through the hellish past few years. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful 2016.

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