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FML non-fic
I am so frustrated right now. I am in danger of losing my job because of illness. I have been on disability leave since 5/25 per my doctor and the insurance company has fought this tooth and nail. I've followed their instructions and have been without pay for the past 6 weeks.

I even tried to go back to work in November, but was sent home because it was oblivious how much pain I was in. Two weeks ago I was sent a demand letter to come back to work, my claim was denied but I was allowed to appeal. My doctor sent in the correct forms yesterday, today I was informed via voice mail the appeal was denied.

I have barely left my house since May and am in so much pain, and my condition is supported by my doctor. Do I have to die before the insurance company understands.

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I'm sorry to hear you have been going through all this... Is there anything else you're doctor can do? I hope so.

Ive been sent to a specialist, so hopefully he'll be helpful.

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