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... and heartbreak ensued Chapter 20 Mommy dearest

Jared woke Saturday morning filled with dread despite the fantastic blow job Jensen gave him when he awoke the first time. Today he was going to spend his day with Donna Ackles, and he’d rather spend as little time in her presence as possible.

As they had since the night of James’ suicide attempt, they spent the night at Jeff’s to avoid the reporters. Jared wanted to talk to them in hopes that would make then go away, but both Jeff and Jensen disagreed, so they were stuck avoiding them.

There a few still in the driveway when Jensen pulled up, but they scattered like mice when the lights came on to hopefully get a good story. Moira wanted them to park in her driveway, but Jensen didn’t want any undue attention on her, and he didn’t want them pestering her when they were away.

Donna was waiting for them when they walked into the house and Jared could tell she was not in the best of moods because of having to fight past the reporters.

“Hi, mom,” Jensen greeted her with a kiss. “As you see you’ll have some extra company along to help with the shopping. If you want, I can come along.”

“I’ve managed to shop without yours or any other Alphas help, so I don’t need your help now. Besides this is a chance for Jared and me to get to know one another better. We can’t do that with you tagging along.”

Trying to show enthusiasm for their shopping spree, Jared shot her a weak smile that he sure doesn't endear him to her. She has voiced her displeasure at his inability to take care of her Alpha son, so any sign of weakness she was sure to attack, so Jared tried to appear more enthusiastic.

The hope that Jensen would insist he come with them died when he gave his mother a credit card that held a higher limit than the one Jared carried. He thought that Jensen would at least drive them to the store, but no such luck. Donna had her favorite driver waiting for them outside, so that meant that he would be stuck in the car with her for the duration of the drive. At least in the store, he would get a moment away from her, but he was forced to make small talk in the car.

“So, what are we shopping for?” he asked as he watched the reports scramble to their cars to follow them.

“We’re shopping for Jensen’s favorites, so you should have an idea of what we’re getting.”

“First stop, the meat counter for steaks,” Jared laughed, but his comment only received a grimace from his mother-in-law.

“Any Neanderthal with access to fire can cook a steak, we’re cooking real food,” she admonished. “Jensen likes lasagna, fried chicken, and a good pot roast, all of which you will learn to make.”

The ‘so help me Luna’ was left unsaid, but Jared heard it loud and clear.

Pulling a list from her purse the older Omega got a shopping cart and stopped it in front of Jared. The way she was treating him, Jared wasn’t sure if he was supposed to push it or ride in the basket. Placing his hand on the bar, Jared pushed the cart and was relieved when she didn’t demand that he ride in it.

“When I make my shopping list, I group like items together, fresh vegetable, meats frozen items etcetera and I shop for them depending on the layout of the store. You’ll find that it’s more efficient that way and leaves you more time to take care of your home. Since you work outside the home, that means you’ll need to learn time saving tricks.”

Jared had to admit that her way of shopping was more economical and saved time as well as money. She had coupons and in with the butcher who gave her choice cuts for sale prices.
“How did you manage that?” Jared asked in awe.

“That takes years of buying from the same butcher. I have stores where I prefer to shop because of the relationship with the staff. You need to start building a rapport with the store employees, and soon you’ll get the best prices, learn about secret sales and who will help you.”

He noticed everyone seemed to cater to her whim, but this was a small store and not a large chain where Jared normally shopped. While he liked he organizational skills, it took the fun out of shopping. Just last week he and Jensen discovered a new cereal. It tasted like shit, but it was fun discovering the item. Donna’s way was to get in and get out. He’d tweak her suggestions to suit his needs, but there was no reason to tell her that.

When they were checked out their ride was waiting for them and though Jared didn’t recognize the car or the driver, but he knew it was their ride because of the paparazzi surrounding the vehicle. He thought Donna was going to be angry, but instead, she tuned to the reporters and said, “if you’re going to be a nuisance, then be a helpful nuisance and help put the bags in the car.”

He watched in amazement as the reporters put down their microphones, pens, and pads and transferred the groceries from the cart to the car without an exchange of words. He’s sure that there will be an article written about the state of his diet after today. Once the car was loaded, Donna turned to the biggest reporter there, smiled and said, “please be a dear and put this with the other carts.”

Once again to Jared’s amazement, he did without asking anything in return.

Jared asked once they were in the confines of the car Donna began to drone on about the meals they were going to prepare, but Jared couldn’t get Donna’s Jedi mind trick off his mind. He’d been told, hell he even espoused the belief that Omegas were weak and powerless, but what he’d just witnessed? That was real power.

Getting hulking beasts of an Alpha to stop doing his job and assist you? That was unreal. Forget cooking, Jared wanted to learn to do, get an Alpha to bend to his will. He was so busy concentrating on Donna; he missed the ride home. Once they pulled into the drive, this time she didn’t have to demand the reporters help them, they ran to the car and began carrying the bags.

“How do you do that?” he asked in amazement. “They never exchanged a word, they just put down their things and did what you asked.”

“Why do you think Alphas want to control Omegas, Jared? We have power over them, but they’ve worked so hard for centuries to put us under their thumbs, they want Omegas forget how to exert that power. Most of us are too busy trying to keep from getting hurt, so making them carry a few bags is the least they can do.”

They would have taken them inside had Jensen not rushed out to stop them. Jared stood and watched as Donna orchestrated the situation and had the reporters and Jensen doing her bidding. He wanted to learn that particular trick.

“That’s far enough,” Jensen commanded the man who towered over him by at least a foot.

“What are you cooking?” Jensen asked when the last bag was placed on the counter.

“All of your favorites,” Jared answered with a fake smile. He didn’t want to cook, but he had to give Jensen something after all the Alpha had given him. Of all the things Jensen could have demanded, learning to cook was no great sacrifice, and besides, Jared had to eat as well.

“Lasagna with homemade noodles?” Jensen asked locking his lips in a manner that made Jared jealous of his tongue.

“Let’s get him to master the sauce first before we get to something that complicated,” Donna snorted.

“Jared’s a fast learner,” Jensen defended his mate.

“We’ll see.”

Jared watched the exchange between Jensen and his mother while she taught him how to make a red sauce from scratch. He never knew anyone to do that; his always came from a jar. If this is what she taught Jensen to cook no wonder he wanted Jared to take lessons.

As the sauce simmered, Jared learned to cut up a chicken, while Jensen looked on. When he commented on Jared’s progress, Donna teased him about the first time he tried to cut up a chicken. Apparently, it ended with a trip for Jensen to the emergency room.

Jared watched as Jensen’s face soften at the memory of a near amputated finger, and Jared loved the transformation. He’d never experienced this softer, teasing side of his mate and suddenly he was jealous of Donna for having the ability to put Jensen at ease in a manner that didn’t involve sex.

The dogs began to bark as though something was in the yard and being Alpha, Jensen went to check on what had them riled. He was barely out the door when Donna pounced.

“I understand why James is here, but I scent the presence of another Omega, is there something you and Jensen aren’t telling me, Jared?”

“No Donna there is nothing we need to tell you.”

“So there is another able bodied Omega in your home, and you don’t feel jealous? Threatened?”

He wanted to scream yes, but he didn’t. Each time he came home and Moira had dinner cooked or the house cleaned, or she had done the laundry, Jared felt unwanted, but his only reprieve was that it was him Jensen fucked each night; it was him Jensen arranged alone time with, not Moira, so he lied.

“No, Donna, I don’t. I don’t have a reason to feel either of those because Luna chose Jensen for me.”

“That’s true, but other Alphas have added another Omega to their household when their bonded mate doesn’t live up to expectations. You don’t cook or clean,” she reminded him as she dipped a spoon into the sauce for a taste, “so what’s to stop Jensen from doing the same. Aren’t you worried that he will replace you?”

Hearing someone say the things that Jared feared most made him angry and he looked at her and snapped, “Jensen didn’t get rid of me when I had the abortion, so I doubt that the ability to cook lasagna will be a deciding factor.”

Donna gasped and dropped the spoon with the sauce and once again; the kitchen floor was covered in red.

Chapter 21


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