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Turn and face the strange Chapter 1
Title: Turn and face the strange
Author: cillab42
Rating: NC-17
Beta: masja_17
Art: 2blueshoes
Warnings: mentions of mpreg, m/m, a/b/o, werewolves
Summary: After a night of drinking with friends, Jensen wakes the next morning with a scar that was not there the night before.
A/N: Thanks again masja_17 for coming through again. Any mistakes found are my own. Also major thanks to 2blueshoes for the lovely art. Jensen and Jared belong to themselves, I'm just borrowing their likeness for my story. This is based on a prompt found here

Chris and Steve had been great tonight, Jensen thought that it was probably one of the best Kane shows that he had ever been to. Of course he was a little - okay a lot - drunk making him a little emotional at seeing his friends for the first time in months.

Skype totally doesn’t count because he cannot give Steve a noogie via the computer.

“Wait for us to pack up, son and we’ll walk with you,” Chris told him. “It’s Halloween and it looks as though all of the crazies have come out to celebrate.”

“Yeah, Jensen,” Jared agreed, “I’ma take Chad back to his hotel, but you can ride back with me.”

There was a redhead in the corner who reminded him of his friend Riley’s girlfriend, Danneel. Jensen decided that if he couldn’t have the real thing, the substitute would do for tonight. If she was willing and he wasn’t too drunk he’d make do. His place was only a couple of blocks away and he didn’t need his friends cock blocking him.

Technically, the apartment was his buddy’s Todd place and Jensen was sharing. He wouldn’t be doing that for much longer. A couple of days ago he found out that his friend’s character had been killed off his show and Todd would be leaving for Los Angeles next week leaving Jensen homeless.

Well he thought he was going to be homeless because there was no way that he was going to find a place in that short time but his co-star and best friend Jared Padalecki stepped in and offered Jensen the spare bedroom in his house.

He was glad Jared was his friend.

Jensen was grateful that his friend made the offer especially since Jared had a girl who didn’t agree with the offer. She wanted Jared’s sole attention and when Jensen was around, Jared had a hard time deciding who to give his attention.

Perhaps that’s why she was Jared’s ex-fiancée now. The break up was so new that in his drunken state, it was easy to forget that Jared was single now. The presence of Chad should trigger that memory, because helping Jared get over his break up was the reason the idiot was in town. At least that’s the reason Chad gave.

Jensen believed that he was just reminding Jared that he was his friend before Jensen.

Once he stumbled to the door, Jensen was just in time to see the young woman leave with another man. Maybe Danneel in any form was not meant to be for him.

Instead of turning around and going back to the good-natured ribbing of his friends, Jensen pulled up his collar and walked out in the cold Vancouver night.

If he knew his friends, girl or no girl, Chris and Steve would show up at his apartment still high from the applause, and they would drink until they passed out taking Jensen with them.

His friends had put up quite a fuss about him walking home, and someone had insisted that he take a taxi, but the cold air would sober him up a little as he walked the short distance. Just because some stupid kids were celebrating a little too lively was no reason for him to act like a scared little girl; he’d leave that to Jared.

If they weren’t all signed to contracts they would all be out raising hell with them, but if ended up on YouTube or some other form of social media, they would kiss their jobs goodbye.

The walk, although short was busy. He realized that Chris was right when he said that a lot of students were out celebrating Halloween as several jumped out from behind buildings in an attempt to scare him. What they didn’t realize was that playing Dean Winchester made him harder to scare when monsters were jumping out in front of you on a daily basis.

Half way to his apartment was a little garden that was kept up by the city. When the flowers were in bloom it was nice, but the best thing about it right now was the bench sitting in the middle of it. Apparently he’d had more to drink than he’d realized because his feet became so heavy that he couldn’t take another step.

He sat down and watched as the locals turned the kiddy holiday into a very adult one. All of the activity swirling around him made him dizzy. It would be easy to blame it on the events around him but he knew that it was probably the Jägermeister - did he even drink Jager? - kicking in.

As he stumbled onto the bench, his first thought was thank God it was empty, as he rested his rubbery legs.

Fighting to stay awake, Jensen watched as ghost, goblins and sexy versions of boring professions milled around as they went from bar to bar. One partygoer was different from the others and instead of being a run of the mill ghost or sparkly vampire, he was a werewolf.

Just before he passed out Jensen’s last thought was whoever did his makeup needed to come to Kripke Productions, because even in his drunken state the makeup looked real.

“Wake up!” a faraway voice demanded. “We told you to wait for us, but you had to go chase a piece of ass. Now you’re sleeping in public because you’re such a fucking lightweight you can’t hold your liquor.”

“Fuck you Kane,” Jensen snapped or at least he tried to but he was so tired and groggy that he couldn’t quite pull it off and it came out as a garbled mess.

“Fuck you, Jensen Ackles,” another voice he vaguely recognized as Jared’s chimed in.
“We’ve been going crazy running around looking for you and you’re not even a block from where we left you drunk off your ass with your pants unzipped. You couldn’t wait to get to your place.”

“Shad up and help me up,” Jensen slurred as he attempted to stand. He wasn’t sure what happened, but he never hooked up with the redhead. If he had been feeling better, he would have joked about being so hot that some chick took advantage of him while he was unconscious.

Once he made it to his feet without the assistance of his friends, everything became fuzzy around the edges ad that was the last thing he remembered.

The next morning Jensen woke he had the headache from hell. His head throbbed so much that he thought his heart had relocated there. Slowly, he rolled over so that he wouldn’t jostle his brain causing his head to hurt more. Once he was sitting up, he noticed that someone had left him a glass of water and a bottle of ibuprofen.

As he swallowed the tablets, Jensen offered up a silent prayer to whomever left them for him. After taking the medicine, Jensen rolled over on his side and went back to sleep.

The next time Jensen cracked his eyes open, a glance at his watch told him that it was noon. He and Jared had been known to hit the bars on a weeknight and show up the next morning ready for work. He was grateful that today was Saturday, because Eric would be going ballistic by now.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Jensen finally was able to focus long enough to notice his surroundings. He was not in the apartment, but in Jared’s spare bedroom. The bedroom he was supposed to move into next week.

Some of his belongings had already been moved into the room and he was grateful for that because he didn’t want to have to put on the same clothes from last night because he was sure that they were covered with sick.

He thought that the pain reliever would have worked by now, but he still felt like shit. Although not as violently as last night, Jensen’s head still throbbed, his joints ached and everything was much too fucking bright.

Maybe a shower and a whole bottle of ibuprofen will make him feel better.

Each step he took across the room made Jensen wince and once he made it into the bathroom, he sat on the toilet to rest from the short trek across the room. Moving carefully, Jensen slowly began to undress. As he tossed the last piece of clothing on the floor, he made himself a promise to find out what he drank last night so that he would never touch it again.

It took him ten minutes to feel steady enough to get into the shower. How pathetic would it be to survive the stupid Halloween celebrations and drown in your own goddamn shower?

After a brief struggle, Jensen managed to turn the water on and stand under the warm spray.

Soon he was soaping himself with a fruity smelling body wash that he associated with Jared, and felt some of the aches go down the drain with the suds.

He washing the inside of his thigh when he felt it. The scar. The scar that hadn’t been there yesterday. He felt a little unsteady in the slippery tub to look down at it, so he finished his shower, constantly feeling it, hoping that it would go away.

Once he was back in the bedroom where the light was better, Jensen finally looked at the scar. Because he knew that it hadn’t been there the day before, even though it didn’t smart to the touch, he’d expected to find a fresh would but this was completely healed.
Not only was it not fresh, it was not small.

The scar was a large nasty looking bite that seemed to have come from a very large animal.

As he continued to stare at it Jensen knew that despite the state of healing, this was a new scar. A scar this big would have (should have) taken a long time to heal and he would have remembered the healing process.

“Where the fuck did this come from?” Jensen asked the empty room.

A thought occurred to him so he stood up and looked at the white sheets he slept on last night. He scanned the sheets for blood, but there was none.

Of course there was no blood, this wasn’t a new wound it was a healed scar.

Shaking his head, Jensen laughed at himself. The scar had healed, that’s the reason for the lack of blood, he reasoned. Of course he was more than a little drunk and that’s why he can’t remember getting the scar.

Dressed in clean jeans and a black t-shirt, Jensen walked back into the bathroom and gathered the clothes he’d discarded earlier. As he was putting the clothes in the hamper, is when he saw it.

The blood.

There was nothing on the outside of his jeans but on the inside there was blood. A lot of blood in the same spot where the scar is now.

He would be the first to admit that he was having a major freak-out, but he pulled himself together when he heard the dogs barking. Perhaps he would have Jared look at it to get his opinion. He’s pretty sure that once Jared looks at it he’ll be reassured and mock himself for freaking out for nothing.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Jensen walked into the den and plopped down next to Jared who was watching something on the learning channel.

The dogs saw him first and ran to him and began to lick him and beg for attention. Normally this wouldn’t bother him but the worry from the scar made them a nuisance today.

Jared must have sensed that, because he ordered, “Harley, Sadie down! Jensen’s not feeling well today.” but the dogs ignored him and continued to jump on Jensen.

That he wasn’t feeling well was an understatement. His head felt as though it was going to explode, his eyes were watery and then there was a healed scar that appeared overnight that had caused him to be worried out of his mind

“Down!” Jensen commanded, and to his surprise, for the first time ever the pair obeyed and dropped to their feet and looked up at him as though they were waiting for his next command. “Well wonders never cease.”

“Well look at that,” Jared teased as Jensen stepped past the dogs to join Jared on the sofa, “they finally listened to you.”

“Finally,” Jensen agreed as he threw his head back on the sofa and closed his eyes. He sat like that for a few minutes as he tried to think of a way to ask Jared to look at the scar between his legs.

“If you feel you can hold it down there is some coffee and an omelet in the kitchen.” Jared advised him not once taking his eyes from the television. “I’m surprised that you didn’t make a beeline to the coffee before joining me in here.”

Sniffing Jensen realized that he couldn't smell anything, fuck did that mean that he was getting a cold as well? His stomach growled at the mention of the food so he was going to risk being bowled over by Harley and Sadie to get something to eat.

He was ready to move when he heard something about pregnancies on the television. Opening one eye, Jensen shot a quick look at the television and saw some woman talking about being pregnant.

“Dude is this what passes for entertainment these days?”

“It’s called I didn’t know I was pregnant, and I used to watch it with Sandy,” Jared explained. “I find it fascinating that this many people could have life growing inside them and not know it. I know every inch of my body, so I can’t understand anyone else not knowing theirs. Only and idiot can have a change and not realize it.”

“Perhaps there are special circumstances,” Jensen reasoned hoping the uncharacteristic anger at the mention of Jared’s ex fiancée didn’t show in his voice.

When Jared spoke next, he didn’t seem to have heard it or he was just ignoring it, and either way, Jensen was glad.

“I don’t buy it,” Jared disagreed, “The signs are there they just ignore them.”

Ignoring the signs.

Needing a few minutes alone, Jensen made his way to the kitchen for coffee and one of Jared’s killer omelets. As he ate he asked himself what did he ignore that he missed it when something bit him and more importantly he doesn’t remember it happening?

As he absently rubbed the scar, Jensen realized that whatever bit him was huge and he was so glad that it settled for one bite. As he ate and listened to Jared mock the women on the television show, Jensen decided that he would hold out on telling Jared because he didn’t want that attitude turned on him.

Once he finished his meal, Jensen rejoined Jared in the den and watched more of the show. He looked at Jared and wondered what his reaction would be if he suddenly blurted out about the scar. Perhaps if there was a show called I woke up with a huge scar and I don’t know where it came from, that would ease the way for him but there’s no such show. Since there wasn’t Jensen would have to figure this out on his own.

As he sat there he thought about Chris and Steve. Before Jared, Jensen considered Chris his best friend, but the guys were only in town for a couple of days and Chris had to film his new show Leverage, and he didn’t want him worrying. He quickly made the decision to keep this from his friend for now at least.

Monday morning found Jensen sitting in the back of the company provided SUV nursing a cup of coffee in his hands. He was bleary eyed from lack of sleep, but he was aware of their driver, Clif staring at him with concern.

The driver as new, but Jensen could tell that he was going to be a friend. Who knows, perhaps he would be the one person that Jensen could take his worries to. Staring down into is cup, Jensen laughed to himself, how bad are things if he’s considering telling his secrets to a total stranger?

The ride to the studio was short and soon he and Jared were making their way to makeup. Once he was there he realized that he had another problem. He has always had problem with allergies, but since Saturday they have gotten worse.

Usually his nose would be stopped up and running, but he was having a hard time smelling and his head was stopped up making him feel as though he as in a fog. If he told the powers that be they would get him medicine making him groggy. He would hold off unless it got worse because the allergy pills made for a hella long day and he could deal with not smelling shit.

That would protect him from Jared’s toxic gas for as long as his nose was topped up.

At that though Jensen’s mood improved, but when he sat in the makeup chair, a quick glance at Jared told him that he was not the only one with something on his mind.

Mornings were Jared's favorite time of the day and he often woke before the sun (voluntarily) and ran with the dogs. After a long shooting schedule, Jensen had often spent nights at Jared’s and by the time Jensen drug himself out of bed Jared had completed his run, showered and made breakfast for them both with a smile on his face.

Sometimes Jensen wasn’t as tired as he pretended, he just liked having Jared take care of him.

This morning there was no smile. Had Jensen not had his own problems, he would have noticed that Jared was off. Usually their ride to the studio was filled with Jared’s chatter about any and everything, but by the time their makeup artist was skillfully placing bruises on his face, Jensen realized that Jared had barely spoken all morning.

Each time Jensen attempted to catch Jared’s attention the younger man blushed and lowered his eyes. Normally when Jared didn’t want to be bothered Jensen would leave him alone, but the blush was so fucking adorable that Jensen kept trying to get his friends attention. He doesn’t know where that came from. But he wanted to see more of it.

Once their makeup was applied and they stepped out of the trailer, Jensen had had enough, he wanted to know what made his normally bubbly Jared so solemn.

“Okay, Jared, what’s going on?” he asked the still blushing man. “You’ve been quiet all morning.”

“Nothing, Jensen,” Jared denied, “Just thinking about Sandy.”


Of course he was thinking about Sandy. It hadn’t been that long since Jared had broken things off with his longtime girlfriend-fiancée. He knew that should offer comfort to the younger man, but for some reason the thought of Jared and Sandy just rubbed him the wrong way.

Just last week he was trying to set Jared up with a friend of his that worked with him on the set of Smallville. Now he was glad that Jared had never took Jensen up on it because Jared would know that something was amiss since he’d spent so much time convincing him to go out with the girl.

He was getting so worked up about the thought of Jared dating someone else, he wasn't concentrating on Jared’s body language. But when he did he noticed something.

Jared was lying.

Sandy had always been Jared's happy place, even after they split, whenever he mentioned the brunette, Jared would get this dope look on his face. None of that was evident now. He wasn’t worried about her, Jensen could tell that by the way Jared’s heart was beating.

It didn’t speed…

Hold the fuck up. Suddenly Sandy wasn’t as important as the fact that Jensen could hear Jared's heartbeat.

chapter 2

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The start of something new. Looking forward to the next bit

Thank you for the art and I'm glad you like the story.

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