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Lien on my soul chapter 5

Before Sam could respond, a canister came flying through the window of the bar. The tin can was spewing some kind of gas, most likely tear gas, but while Sam fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes and gasped for air, Dean wasn’t affected.

Taking advantage of Sam’s crawl towards the fresh air, Dean sauntered out the back door to see who was stupid enough to try to take him on. Even if he wasn’t a demon, he and Sam together were a force to be reckoned with so he needed to see this idiot before he killed him.

He made it to the front of the bar to see some guy, maybe a hunter Sam had pissed off in his manic search, take advantage and throw a sucker punch while his brother was on his knees.

That didn’t sit well with Dean; the feelings he and his brother had shared weren’t there any longer, but the possessive treat towards his younger brother was.

“I don’t think we’ve met,” Dean smirked at the stranger before he handed his ass for hurting his Sam. Dean was disappointed that when he finally met the guy, he wasn’t a hunter at all. This was sweeter; the man was the son of some monster Dean had killed years before who had hunted Dean down to exact revenge. Dean had lied when he told the man he didn’t remember him, but there was no reason to give the man that satisfaction when he was trying to kill him.

Dean was gloating over his victory over Cole when he felt the blow to the back of his head and found himself face down eating pavement as Sammy cuffed him and Cole limped away. He hadn’t thought the cuffs would work, that the MOC would protect him, but now he sat on the passenger side of his car watching Sam hand over his blade to Crowley.

“I guess it doesn’t matter what Crowley does when he’s helping you huh, Sammy?” Dean snarked as Sam slid behind the steering wheel.

The bitch face Sam threw him told him that he’d struck a nerve, and with that knowledge, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Sam was too mad now, but he would start asking questions, and Dean was in no mood to give answers.

Sam held out with his questions longer than Dean thought he would, they were half way back to the bunker before Sam said anything, and to Dean’s surprise, it wasn’t a question.

“This car is a mess,” Sam complained as he swiped fast-food wrappers from the dash. “When was the last time you cleaned her out?”

A dirty car was what he was leading in with? “It’s just a car Sam,” Dean shrugged and leaned his head. “’Course if you remove these pretty bracelets, then I’ll clean her up for you.”

“I broke my arm, not my brain, Dean, and bedsides; I’m not some trusting little Omega who jumps at your beck and call.”

“Speaking of Omegas, where’s my little angel? I’ll bet Cas would free me from these.”
“He’s going to meet us at the bunker, I called him before we left North Dakota, so you’ll see him soon enough.

“I can’t wait to see him,” Dean said.

Dean watched the emotions on Sam’s face. His little brother was jealous of Cas when he had no reason to be. Dean never had any designs on the man, because he couldn’t see past Sam. As he continued talking about Cas, Dean had a plan form.

He’d wanted Sam for years, and while it wasn’t common, it wasn’t unheard of for family members to mate. Centuries ago it was common practice to keep the bloodline strong, but today it’s mostly European royals who still honored the practice.

There had to be a way to get rid of the handcuffs before Sam started to dose him up with blood, and when he did, he was going to take what was his. That was going to take a lot of energy, so Dean let Sam continue voicing his displeasure while he rested up for his escape.

Before they began the long drive back to the bunker, Sam pulled into the first convenience store to fill up the tank. He could have driven a little further before stopping, but he wanted to call Castiel and have him meet up at the bunker.

As much as he wanted to believe he could handle Dean on his own, Sam didn’t want to take that chance.

"I've got him Cas," Sam said with a sigh of relief. “He doesn’t want to come with me, but I’ve got him.”

“That is good Sam,” Castiel replied, “How is he?”

Glancing over to the car, Sam sighed, “He’s. He’s not our Dean.”

“Your Dean, you mean,” Castiel said in that monotone voice that sometimes irritated Sam. “As much as I may want it, he’s never been my Dean Sam; he’s always been yours.”

“Not anymore,” Sam shook his head. “Hey, Cas, let me run this by you, if Dean was an Omega, how would that affect the Mark? I mean would it lessen his need to kill?”

“It’s possible,” Castiel said after a moment of silence. “He would still need to kill, but he would be under the control of his Alpha and depending on who claimed him, he would still be dangerous. Unless.”

“Unless what Cas?” Sam asked impatiently.

“You already know Sam, or you wouldn’t ask about claiming Dean. Once he’s human again you plan on turning him don’t you?”

When Sam didn’t answer, Castiel continued. “Are you going to force him?

“No. No!” Sam denied. “I want to use what happened today to convince him that it’s for the best…”

“So you’re going to guilt him, that’s the same as forcing him.”

“I love him, goddamn it!”

“Letting your lust for Dean convince yourself that this is the lesser of two evils, doesn’t make it right, but then by the time you’ve changed him it won’t matter will it?” Castiel asked.

“I’ll see you at the bunker,” Sam snapped before disconnecting the call.

It wasn’t easy getting Dean inside the bunker, but Sam finally managed to get him in the interrogation room. It hurt seeing him tied up and sitting in the chair reserved for demons, was this how Dean felt when he lost his soul?

Over the years he’d given Dean hell for the choices he’s made, including the one where he had an angel use him as a meat suit. All of the choices were hard and made from love, and he hoped Dean felt the same once the blood has done its work.

“You gonna feed me, Sammy?” Dean asked with a cock of his head. “I mean you took me on this road trip and you haven’t fed me, and now you have me trussed up like a Christmas turkey, and I can’t feed myself.”

“I-you’re hungry?” Sam asked not bothering to hide his surprise.

“Yeah, Sam, demons eat too,” Dean grinned, and the sight of it was like a punch in the gut for Sam. “And drink, so two fingers of whiskey wouldn’t go amiss.”

Instead of marching over to Dean and shutting him up with a kiss as he wanted, Sam left the room and went to the kitchen to see what they had by way of food.

The fridge only had the essentials, because Sam hated to grocery shop, which had been Dean’s thing. He did the grocery shopping the cooking and a lot of the cleaning which fueled Sam’s fantasies of Dean being his Omega.

Twenty minutes later Sam was back with a plate of bacon, eggs and toast and a cup of coffee-sans the whiskey- the way Dean liked it, black. He knew the coffee would need to cool before allowing Dean to drink it, but his brother never ate breakfast without a cup of joe.

“You gonna feed me, Sam?” Dean quirked his eyebrows as he looked at the plate of food. “I’m your big brother, you know you can trust me, so why don’t we remove the cuffs and we’ll call it even.”

“Right,” Sam said letting the sarcasm drip.

Dean opened his mouth to say something Sam was sure to be equally sarcastic, and Sam shut him up by shoving a piece of bacon in his mouth.

The action seemed to be a good idea, but watching as Dean’s mouth closed around the strip of bacon Sam had to bite back a moan. It was sinful watching the meat disappear between those plump lips leaving a greasy residue making the lips appear, thicker, wet and abused.

“That was delicious, Sammy,” Dean praised as he licked his lips and when he asked for more, Sam was sure his brother’s voice dropped an octave.

With trembling fingers, Sam placed another piece of bacon between Dean’s lips but this time he didn’t let go. He held on as Dean bit down until his lips reached Sam’s fingers and when the last morsel was gone, Dean licked the salty flavor from the digits pulling a moan that Sam couldn’t choke back if he tried.

He knew he shouldn’t do this, but once Deans lips stopped the suction on Sam’s finger, Sam quickly reached for another piece to repeat the action. Once the bacon was gone, Sam’s long slender fingers delved into the scrambled eggs. There was a fork on the plate, but neither man seemed to mind the chosen form of delivery.

“You’re getting better at cooking, Sam,” Dean complimented his brother as he opened his mouth for the eggs, “I’ve never tasted anything better.

All Sam could do was a grunt in response because he was too fascinated by the movement of Dean’s lips as they wrapped around his fingers and took the food.

He should be embarrassed, the secret he’d been keeping over the years was finally out; he wanted Dean as his. Judging by the way Dean is throwing off pheromones stronger than the ones Sam was releasing, Dean wanted it too. Sam was through fighting this.

Once he made Dean human again, Sam was claiming him. They’d argue about the morals of it later, but he was claiming Dean.

As Dean sucked on his finger, Sam’s breathing became shallow trying not to come in his jeans. If he didn’t know better, he’d think that was what Dean was trying to accomplish. Trying for an equanimity he didn’t possess, Sam slowly pulled his finger from Dean’s mouth, took the dish and left the room.

He was so hard that he could barely walk; his cock was so sensitive that the brush of his jeans against his cock almost made him come. Hurrying to the kitchen, Sam deposited the dish before running to Dean’s room.

He chose Deans room because it was closer and it still had a lingering scent of his brother there. During Dean’s absence, Sam began to sleep in the room because it made him feel closer to his brother and it smelled like him.

Dean was back home, and Sam was going to make him human again, and he’d make sure that he was always bathed in his brother’s scent, but right now he had more pressing matters to take attend.

Sam just made it to the bed after hastily removing his pants and boxer briefs. With the fresh scent of Dean on his body, Sam reached down to stroke himself, and fuck if that didn’t feel good. He’d jerked off many times thinking about Dean but never with the knowledge that he could have his brother.

He was too hard and too everything for this to last long, but Sam tried to draw it out as long as possible, or that was the plan. However, when he felt his balls tighten up when his hand touched his cock, he knew this was going to be a quickie.

Lying back on the bed, Sam let his finger begin a slow stroke from the head to the base, letting the pre-come drooling from the head be his lubrication. Beginning to stroke in earnest, Sam threw his head back and remembered the feel of Deans mouth on his fingers and fuck if that hadn’t felt better than a lot of blow jobs he’d had.

He could feel the warm wet cavern of Dean’s mouth enveloping his cock, and his orgasm ripped through him so hard it took his breath away.

Taking a few minutes to catch his breath, Sam cleaned himself up and headed to the war room to determine which hospital would be best to get the large amount of blood he needed to save his brother.

It was funny that a lab coat and a stethoscope was all it took to convince people that you were a doctor and that you belonged. St Agatha was the closest hospital with a blood bank that carried the amount of blood Sam needed, but it was two hours away, and he worried about leaving Dean that long.

It was easy to walk into the blood bank and even easier to get a priest to bless the blood, now he was ready for the hard part, administering it to Dean. His biggest fear was that the cure wouldn’t work. His second was that Dean would be gone when he returned.

Dean was there scowling as Sam walked in with the blood. He had completed the ritual; now it was a waiting game.

As he prepared the first syringe, a nagging voice told him he should wait for Castiel, but Sam was eager to get the process started; it was hard not to when he realized that by this time tomorrow he would have his brother back.

He knew that any blood worked on Crowley because the man had been dead for centuries, but he wasn’t so sure about Dean, not willing to take a chance, Sam grabbed the O positive blood to match Deans. He didn’t want to make his brother human only to have him die because he administered the wrong blood type.

He and Dean were the same blood type, and Sam would have loved to use his blood to bring Dean back, but he was terrified that his blood was still tainted by the yellow eyed demon who fed him his blood when he was an infant. Then there was the copious amount of demon blood he’d ingested on his own, and that could impede the process.

That would be the most intimate of gifts, his blood pumping through Deans veins, him being a part of his brother both literally and emotionally. That was another fucked up fantasy in of his, so Sam settled for a stranger.

“So this is how we’re gonna play this?” Dean chuckled when Sam walked into the room. “Just keep in mind that I’m not Crowley and there won’t be any tears.”
“I get it, Dean,” Sam said trying to sound equally unaffected. “But this is what we have to do to get you back.”

“I don’t suppose that it occurred to you that I don’t want to change back- that I wanted to be like this? Being a demon is like Purgatory without the location. I feel free and had I wanted to go back to being your side kick then I would have stayed.”

“Let’s get started,” Sam said ignoring Dean’s hurtful words. “If it’s any consolation, I got your blood type.”

“How is that a consolation when you know I hate needles?”

Picking up the syringe and expelling the air Sam replied, “I hate demons, so we’re even.”

Turning his back on his brother, eager to get the process started, Sam pulled out the flask of holy water, sprinkled it on the devil’s trap and began the incantation while Dean fought against the restraints.

Without saying another word, Sam plunged the needled in the vein that stood out as Dean pulled against the restraints. After the injection, Sam stood back and watched as the blood circulated through his brother’s veins.

At first, Dean huffed and fought harder against the restraints, and Sam could almost see his brother's wolf trying to escape, but his heart struck with fear as he heard his brother make the most feral sound Sam had ever heard coming from another wolf.

For a second he thought that there was something wrong with the blood because Crowley didn’t behave like this, but eventually, Dean stopped fighting and making those awful noises allowing Sam to relax. That was until he realized Dean wasn’t moving.

“Come back to me,” Sam begged as he grabbed Dean’s face, shaking him. “Hey, you okay? He asked when Dean opened his eyes.

“As okay as one can be when drowning in your own sweat as your blood boils. Just let me go.”

“No,” Sam answered immediately, “I need to get my brother back.”

“Why I like the new me. The old guilt ridden, weight-of-the-world Dean is gone and replaced my me. Lean, mean Dean.”

Sam’s face went blank as he administered the next shot before leaving the room.

Sam didn’t go far.

He spent the night outside of the room administering the blood and listening to Dean and make sure that he was alright.

Chapter 6


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