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... and heartbreak ensued Chapter 21 I’m going to tell your father

Donna stared at Jared with huge eyes as though she was seeing him for the first time. She had never liked the fact that her son was still mated to Jared after it was discovered that Jared wasn’t running from Jason, but from Jensen.

She was till staring at him when Jensen returned closely followed by Moira.

“What happened? I was only gone for five minutes.”

“Long enough for Jared to inform me that he killed my grandchild.”

“Jared?” Moira asked.

“Mother!” Jensen barked at the same time.

“Is it true?” Donna demanded. “Is it true that Jared killed my grandchildren, your children and you still have him as your mate?”

Jensen had kept that knowledge of what Jared had done from everyone except Chris and Steve, and at the time he was so defiant that he really didn’t care, but now as Donna and Moira looked at him with hatred and disgust, Jared was glad that the public was kept in the dark.

“Child, mother, Child,” Jensen defended Jared. “The second loss was a miscarriage, but this is between Jared and me, not you or the rest of the world.”

“He killed your child, yet you stand here defending him. What’s to keep me from walking out the door and divulging that information to the reporters?”

Walking towards Jared, Jensen warned, “Don't make me choose between my family and my mate. I understand that you’re a strong Omega, and you have dad’s ear, but if you try to embarrass him or if any harm comes to Jared, I’ll forget that you’re my parents and treat you as I would anyone wanting to harm my mate.”

“And the next time?”

“There,” Jared stopped and cleared his throat, “there won’t be a next time. I was angry for having been turned, so I used everything else happening in my life at the time as an excuse, but I promise there won’t be the next time. I’m begging you to keep this in the family, for Jensen sake. Please.”

She didn't answer him. Instead, Donna, forever vigilant, turned the sauce off, took off her apron, stepped over the sauce on the floor and picked up her phone and called the driver to take her home. She didn’t say anything else, she sat on the sofa and stared into space while waiting for the driver.

Fifteen minutes later she was gone, and Jared waited for Jensen’s and Moira’s attack. As he continued to stare at the red stain left by the sauce, he knew that Jensen wasn’t the one who caused him concern. Jensen had forgiven him; he was scared he was going to lose his friend.

“Sweetheart are you okay?” Jensen asked, and Jared wasn’t sure of the answer, so he didn’t try to give one. If Donna talked to the reporters, then he and Jensen would lose everything once the media was through with them, but either way, Jensen would lose his family and Jared his mate.

“Jare?” Jensen repeated in a slightly panicked voice. He was going to say something else, but his phone rang. “Fuck, it’s my dad I have to take the call, or he will call all night. Hi dad,” he greeted. Giving Jared a glance that Jared read to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ Jensen walked down the hall to his office to take the call in private.

As Jensen walked down the hall, Jared leaned onto the refrigerator and slid down to the floor bringing him closer to the sauce Donna had spilled there. It seemed that once he was closer to the red sauce, it became darker and the small spill larger and if he sniffed he was sure Jared was sure the smell of copper would choke him.

“Jared,” Moira called his name again.

He’d almost forgotten she was still there, but she would soon be gone because who would want to be friends with an Omega who’d killed his child?

“I understand that you don’t want to be my friend any longer,” Jared said as he gave her a sad smile. “Who would want a baby killing Omega as a friend, but please don’t hate me.”

“Our friendship depends on your answer. I may not have wanted to mate, but I would never abort an unwanted child, so tell me Jared. Tell me why you ended your pregnancy.”

“Because I’m selfish and all I thought about was me.” Jared took a deep sigh and began to explain to Moira what was going on at the time. “I was angry and confused about having been turned. I loved Jensen but at the same time I was so fucking mad at him. It would have been easier had Jensen been an asshole, but he wasn’t you know?”

“He still isn’t.”

“No, he’s not, but I couldn’t see that then. I had had these plans I was going to marry Gen and expand the company and find a stupid little Omega to give us a child, but instead I became the Omega bearing a child. I remember everything about that night; the first time I scented him I became hungry and the idiot that I was, i thought it was for food, but it was my mate. I took one look at this tiny little man and assumed that I would be the Alpha, but I was wrong.”

“So why Jared, once you were turned you know there was no going back?”

“I wanted to punish Jensen for what he’d taken from me; I wanted to get back at the Alphas who were like Jason Mamoa who took without asking and most of all, I wanted to punish myself for the way I’d treated Omegas, especially my mother. I didn’t deserve a child, but by the time I realized that I was wrong and being stupid, it was too late.”

“The second, baby?”

She didn’t finish the sentence, but Jared knew what she was asking, did he abort that one as well. He knew that he deserved the scrutiny, but it made him angry that she asked.

“That was Luna's punishment for killing one of her children; I miscarried because of scar tissue from the abortion.”

“Will you… are you able to conceive again?”

“Yes,” he whispered, “but the doctor advised to wait a year and God help him, Jensen agreed, and now he’s protecting me from his family.”

“That’s an Alpha’s job,” Jensen said from the doorway. “I forgave you, and that’s all that should matter. Others should accept my choice and not question you or me. I won’t let them hurt you, Jared.”

“But they’re your family,” Jared reminded him.

“But you’re my mate.”

Jared stared up at his mate and saw that he was serious about taking on the world as well as his family to protect him. Jared had taken so much from him; there was no way he was going to take Jensen’s family as well.

Fisting the collar of his shirt, Jared pulled Jensen down to him and said, “I can call Samantha, she’ll be more than happy to break our bond and that way you can get the Omega you deserve.”

“I have the Omega I deserve so don’t you dare think about running again.”

“Not running Jensen, just leaving to let you be free to find a proper mate.”

“Even though she was with your father J.D, was never free from his bond with your mother and her death didn’t release him either. You and Gen weren’t even bonded but does she look free? I was meant to be yours and you mine, and no chemicals will change that.”

“The reporters…”

“What did your father say?” Moira asked.

“He understood my need to stay with Jared. He’s not happy about the loss, but he understands. Jared will have to prove himself to my family, but I understand that, but should they ever attempt make me choose, my choice will always be Jared.”

“Jared why don’t you and Jensen take a nap, and I’ll finish up here. When dinner, or rather lunch is ready, I’ll call you down.”

Jensen didn't give Jared a chance to answer, he reached down and picked the larger Omega up and headed towards the stairs. Jensen’s strength always amazed him, but today it made him feel protected, so he placed his head on Jensen’s shoulder and enjoyed the ride.

He was placed on their bed and undressed as though he was a fragile piece of glass. He expected Jensen to fuck him so he assumed the position, but couldn’t hide his surprise when Jensen hooked his arm around Jared’s waist, pulled him into his body, and rocked them to sleep.

When they next woke, Moira was calling them to lunch, “do you mind if I take a shower first?” Jared asked shyly.

Giving him a kiss, Jensen rolled off the bed and began to dress.

“I’ll see you downstairs.”

The shower was warm and relaxing and gave Jared time to steel himself before facing Jensen and Moira. The water was cooling before he could work up the courage to go downstairs, but he couldn’t hide away forever. When they found out what Jared had done, Chris and Steve hated him, but they came around, so Jared sent up a prayer before heading down the stairs.

He was surprised when he heard Jeff’s big booming laugh.

Poor Moira was having to deal with Jared and Jeff’s relentless drive to get her to agree to be his mate, but that’s not what he saw when he entered the den. Moira had her arm around Jeff’s waist, and the three of them were smiling an drinking beer.

“Oh, Jared there you are,” Jensen greeted him, “we were just celebrating Moira’s agreeing to accept Jeff as her mate.”

Jeff knew about the abortion, he had comforted Jared afterwards, but Jared still wasn’t sure about Moira until she smiled at him. When he noticed that the smile reached her eyes, Jared felt some of the tension leave his body allowing him to breathe easier.

As they celebrated Jared held himself aloof from the rest of the group, and when Jensen and Jeff talked about the PR for the company, Moira used the time to pull Jared aside.

“What gives?” She asked. “I told you I’m okay with you.”

“No, it’s not that - well not entirely,” Jared said. “I’m concerned about the sudden turn around about Jeff. Now don’t get me wrong, Jeff is a great man, and I’m sure a great mate, but what changed that made you agree to let him claim you?”

“You did. Well you, Jensen and James. I know I can’t stay here forever, but after being here with you guys, I can’t face going back to that empty house and pretend that I’m okay with being alone. I’ve been talking to Jeff, and you’re right he is a good guy, I think the knowledge that Luna gave him another mate made him a little aggressive. We, neither of us are getting younger, and I want pups, and so does he, and besides, I feel the pull of the bond as well. Now come on lunch is ready.”

Jared allowed her to pull him to the table and there both the fried chicken and the lasagna had been joined by a garden salad and a fruit salad. Just the sight of the delicious looking food reminded Jared that once again he had failed Jensen.

Was he so broken that he couldn’t get anything right and was Jensen so desperate for a mate that he would settle for a pathetic excuse of an Omega for a mate? Perhaps he should call Samantha and have her to break the bond since Jensen wasn’t strong enough to do so.

His feelings of pity must have come over the bond because Jensen reached under the table and held his hand and Jared held on for dear life. The strong grip told Jensen that Jared was feeling uneasy, so the Alpha leaned over and kissed him and whispered, “I’m not going anywhere.”

The declaration made Jared want to cry.

“But I still can’t cook, and now that your mother knows what a horrible person I am, I’ll never learn.”

“I can teach you,” Moira offered.

“You’re about to be mated; you don’t have time to teach me something I should already know.”

“That’s what friends are for.”

That statement broke Jared out of his funk. He knew that Jensen loved him, he could feel the love, but the thought of losing the person who had helped him when he was struggling to get get his feet under him hurt. Ignoring Jensen and Jeff's bemused stares, Jared walked to his friend and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you, friend.”

Chapter 22


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