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... and heartbreak ensued Chapter 24 Home sweet home

After the day he'd had, Jensen was tired. He’d been dodging reporters, working and going to therapy with James and not spending enough time with his mate. All he wanted to go home and crash, but he couldn’t go home because of the reporters and he didn’t feel comfortable enough at Jeff’s to go to his room and decompress, i.e. sleep. It has been a month since Jared’s testimony but the reporters were still hanging around making it difficult for them to return home.

Jeff has been great, but two Alpha’s under the same roof was not a good thing and he wasn’t sure when one of them was going to snap. They were butting heads over trivial things and Jensen knew that he had to leave, but he didn’t want to put his Omegas in danger. As he drove through the gated community, it tickled Jensen how the houses became bigger farther into the community he drove. Jeff lived in the back so he had one of the biggest houses there.

Two street from Jeff’s home Jensen saw a realtor placing a for sale sign in front of one of the houses, he was tired and really wanted to go home but this was a sign that he was there when she was placing the sign in the yard.

It seemed kind of stupid to place a for sale sign in a gated community, but what did he know was that the place looked perfect for them. It was close to Jeff, not cutting Jared off from Moira and from the size of there would be enough room for James and hopefully babies.

“Hello,” Jensen greeted, “I wonder if it’s possible to get a tour of the place?”

Putting on what Jensen thought was her best public smile, the real estate agent extended her hand, “I’m Alona and I’d love to show you the place.”

Following her inside, Jensen whistled as he entered the house. It was larger than where they were but nowhere near as large as Jeff’s place. The downstairs had a space for his office, a huge den and gave room and a killer kitchen where Jared could put the new-found cooking skills to use. Turns out Jensen was the best person to teach Jared that lesson.

There were five bedrooms, all of which had their own baths but the best part was the property. There was a swimming pool, a basketball court and the edge of the property bumped up to a forest where he and Jared could run when the mood struck. No more driving around to find a spot.

“My mate is about ten minutes away, I want him to see the place. If he likes it then you can take up your sign.”

“Of course she,” beamed at Jensen, “I’ll wait.”

It only took nine minutes for Jensen to return with a confused Jared. The realtor had removed the sign as though she knew there was no way Jared wasn’t going to hate the place, so Jared wasn’t aware that the house was for sale.

“What are we doing here, Jensen.”

“Hopefully purchasing a new home.”

He waited for Jared to respond, but instead of saying anything, he turned and ran to the front door and walked inside. After catching up with his long-legged mate, Jensen saw the same wonder on Jared face as had been on his.

“This place is fantastic, but can we afford it?”

“There's equity in your house and I have money from my grandparents. I don’t know all of the particulars but we can.”

“Were you not happy in our home Jensen?” Jared asked with a sadness Jensen hadn’t expected.

“I was happy there but there has been so much hurt in that house, this is a fresh start. Here there will be no more memories of bloodshed and hurt for us or for James. We can decorate this place together so it reflects both of us, also, I don’t think we’ll ever lose the reporters, they’ll always be there in one form or the other, but when we pass through those gates, they can’t bother us.”

When Jared didn’t respond, Jensen continued, “if you don’t like it here, then I’m sure Alona can find something to your satisfaction, but I want us out of Jeff’s place.”

“No, no, this place is perfect, Jensen. The dogs have a place to run and so do we. I didn’t want to stay at Jeff's but I didn’t want to go back to the house either and it will be great for James not to have to go back there either.”

Pulling out her card, Alona gave it to Jensen after she pulled out her iPad and scheduled an appointment for Jensen to begin the paperwork. When they reached Jeff's home, both men were smiling at the possibility of being on their own again.

They weren’t the only ones smiling, Jeff and Moira were as well. Before they made the announcement, Jensen scented the reason, Moira was pregnant.

Now he knew that it was time to leave.

Now the reasons were selfish, he still had months to go before he and Jared could even discuss having a baby let alone conceiving one, and to be in this house while Jeff gets that with his mate would be unbearable.

For a moment, the anger he felt when he learned Jared had killed their child was fresh and the hurt seared through his heart making him question his decision to remain mated. Just as quick as the thought occurred to him it was gone. He loved Jared even when Jared hadn’t loved him and the only thing keeping them together was the bond.

Jensen was grateful that the others in the room were too busy celebrating to notice his foul mood. Later that night when he fucked Jared, he took him in the traditional breeding position on his knees allowing Jensen to pretend he was breeding his mate.

Later that night when his cock slipped from Jared’s hole, Jensen mourned the waste of the sperm leaking from Jared knowing that none of his swimmers would do their job. Quietly he slipped from the bed, shifted and ran outside into the woods to shake off the jealousy and disappointment.

Jared woke to find Jensen gone from their bed and from the coolness on Jensen’s side of the bed he’d been gone for a while. When they returned home from seeing the house that would hopefully soon be their home, Jensen seemed to withdraw from him. Even as they made love last night he could feel Jensen holding back.

Jared wasn’t stupid, he knew it was because of the baby. The announcement from their friends made Jared happy and sad. For some time, now he has been struck by baby fever. The first pregnancy caught him by surprise and he wasn’t ready and didn’t want a child.

The second pregnancy, he knew was going to happen, but he hadn’t wanted that baby until he felt him move and before he could really wrap his head around the pregnancy, the baby was gone, and he was left empty, but not as sad as he should have been.

Now he wanted a baby, his and Jensen’s a tangible proof of their love for one another. The doctor told him to wait a year it hasn’t been that long but surely he was healed enough to conceive and carry. Not wanting to face another loss. When he went to work he had Felicia call his doctor and make an appointment and get medical advice before he did something stupid like flushing his suppressants and birth control pills.

He couldn’t see the doctor for a week and that meant Jensen fucking him and waiting until he thought Jared was asleep before running all night to work out his frustrations. He knew that Jensen wanted children, most of their friends had kids, even Jensen’s assistant Megalyn, was pregnant, but living under the same roof with a pregnant Omega was different.

He watched Jensen as Jeff talked about the baby and Moira’s cravings. He wanted to say something to Moira, but telling someone not to be enthusiastic about their child would be a dick move, and Jared wasn’t a dick any more. Well maybe a little.

He was the only Omega in the doctor’s office without his Alpha. It wasn’t unusual but it wasn’t common either. Jared could feel the stares of the other Omegas and their mates. He wasn’t sure if the stares were because he was alone or because he was recognized.

“You’re that uppity Omega, aren't you,” an Alpha sitting across from his asked in his Alpha voice compelling Jared to answer whether he wanted to or not.

“I’m not sure what you mean by uppity, but if you mean the one who testified before congress, then yes.”

“Yeah, uppity, getting Omegas thinking they are equal.”

Biting his tongue, Jared held back his thoughts that this Alpha's Omega was probably better than him, but he wasn’t supposed to be here alone, so he just let the stupid man believe that he’d sat the ‘uppity’ Omega down.

“Jared Ackles,” the nurse called a few minutes later rescuing him from the glares from the other Alphas in the small area.

Sitting on the edge of the examination table, Jared was happy that he didn’t have to disrobe and suffer the humiliation of a full exam today, but he was just as nervous, because the doctor could call Jensen and ruin this for him.

The doctor entered looking at the computer and didn’t glance up even when he gave the half-hearted greeting of ‘Hello.’

“So is your Alpha joining us?” The doctor asked when he finally deigned to look at Jared.

“Um, no?”

“Then has he given written permission for me to treat you without his presence?”

“No, but…”

“There are no buts, Jared, you know that it’s illegal for me to treat you without your Alpha's consent so why are you wasting my time? I understand that you have a job so you know about schedules and time constraints, so next time try to think about someone other than yourself.”

He knew that his testifying and the interview wasn’t going to be popular, but he didn’t expect the outright rudeness from his doctor. He had never treated him in such a careless manner before, but then Jensen had always been with him before.

“I don’t have to be an Alpha or a Beta to understand time constraints, doctor, I just want to know if it is okay to stop taking my suppressants?”

“You know that stopping your suppressants will start your heat and you can get pregnant, Jared and I’m not sure if your body has healed enough to sustain a full-term gestation. That’s all a moot point any way because I can’t write orders to take you off the suppressants without your Alpha's permission.”

“Despite popular belief, as an Omega, I understand how suppressants work I want to give this as a gift to my mate. You confirmed Dr. Browns prognosis, that if I let my body rest I would be able to conceive.”

Pursing his lips, the doctor bit out, “Maybe you’d be able to conceive. You said you understand what you’ve been told then you should understand that there is a possibility that you damaged your body to the point that you might never have a child, and you should also understand that I can’t take you off suppressants without talking to your Alpha.”

“Please doctor…”

“No! If you ask once more I’ll call and advise him of your visit.”

He wanted to push the issue, but then that would start a conversation with Jensen that he wasn’t ready for. He wanted a child and so did Jensen, so why did he not have the power to control his body. He’s done the research and he knows there were potential dangers, but he was willing to risk them for Jensen.

“Thank you, doctor Anderson,” Jared told him and slid from the table. He would just have to find another way.

Once he was back in his office Jared began his research and found there was not much danger in stopping his suppressants so he could do that but his problem was that Jensen gave him the pill each day, so now he had to figure a way to circumvent this obstacle.

It took him three days and a trip to the drugstore, but he did it. He took one of the pills from the bottle and found a pill for headaches that looked similar and swapped them out, now all he had to do was wait.

Chapter 25


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