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... and heartbreak ensued Chapter 25 who's a daddy

Jared couldn’t sleep and he felt as though something was choking him and pulling tight on his body. At first, he thought that it was his sleep pants, but he was naked from fucking Jensen who’d then left him.

Rolling from side to side trying to find a comfortable position, he finally gave up and walked over to the window facing the woods. He was just in time to see Jensen disappear into the darkness. As he stared, his wolf began to growl and damned to be let loose, to run with his mate and Jared didn’t see a reason not to give into him.

Letting his wolf take over, Jared shifted and ran towards the woods and his mate whom he was desperate to find. Once he was at the spot he saw Jensen enter the woods, he let his nose scent Jensen and tracked him down; he was so busy following the scent he hadn’t noticed that Jensen had looped around the trees and was now behind him.

“What are you going out here Jared?” Jensen growled through the bond.

Startled, Jared turned around and stared at his stunning mate. In human form, Jensen is much smaller, so it always surprised him at how large his wolf was, but that didn’t hold Jared’s attention for long. As he took in the slow, menacing walk towards him, he didn’t think Jensen would hurt him, but he went belly up to show his submissiveness.

From his position on his back, Jared noted how his eyes went from anger to lust blown slits, there was drool coming from his mouth at the sight of the pink dick as it began to slip from its sheath.

Jared's body began to respond to the musky smell, and he felt slick oozing from his hole, and he whimpered with the want of this man burning through his veins. At his whimper, Jensen walked over to Jared until he was standing over him.

Jensen’s snout sniffed Jared, and with a blink of his eye, Jensen went from wolf to man and Jared followed suit. In his human form, Jensen's hands were on either side of Jared's head, and he straddled the omegas hips.

He continued to nuzzle Jared, and his lips lingered at his mark on Jared’s neck, “What have you done, sweetheart?” he asked as he continued scenting Jared.

It never occurred to Jared why he was restless and feeling the fire going through his body; he was in heat. His wolf needed to be near Jensen because he wanted them to get bred, to get pregnant. He’d apologize t Jensen later for coming off the pills, but right now the only thing he wanted was Jensen buried inside him.

Jensen kissed his way from Jared’s shoulder to his mouth and kissed him. The kiss was rough, hard and everything Jared needed. As their mouths continued to devour one another, Jensen writhing, rubbing their dicks together with enough friction that immediately placed Jared on the edge of coming.

Pulling his mouth from Jensen’s Jared scrambled away trying to get his bearings, but Jensen didn’t let him go far, so before Jensen plundered his mouth again causing him to forget his goal. Jared went to his knees, spread his legs and placed his face onto the ground presenting himself in the traditional mating position.

He wanted Jensen to know that he wanted to get pregnant so later when Jensen is tearing up his ass in a non-pleasurable way, he can point to this moment. When he felt Jensen pulling back, Jared panicked thinking he was going to walk away and Jared would die if he did, so he said the one thing that would ensure that his mate would fuck him.

“Alpha, please.”

The growl that emanated from Jensen shook the trees around them, and he knew that his mate was worked up. Scenting their friend’s pregnancies broke something in Jensen, and he was trying to keep the desire for a child to himself. Jared knew that now, but the pregnancy hormones triggered something inside him as well, and he wanted to conceive, to give Jensen the family he deserved.

Pushing Jared’s legs wider, Jensen moved until Jared could feel his warm breath on his ass and it wasn’t until he felt the swipe of his lover’s tongue did he understand Jensen’s intentions. The rough tongue felt wonderful as it slid over the sensitive muscle causing Jared to mewl with pleasure.

As Jensen nipped and licked, the action seemed to bring Jared’s heat on with a vengeance. Suddenly the slight irritations he was feeling multiplied until in its desire to be filled, his hole attempted to clamp down on Jensen’s tongue.

When he wasn’t getting what his body demanded, Jared begged, “Please Jensen it hurts, need you inside me.”

In response to his please, Jensen got on his knees, lined up and thrust forward. He didn’t ease in Jared he entered in one fell swoop and Jared loved it and this time it was him who howled. As Jensen began to move, he was relentless with his movements, but Jared kept up with him stroke for stroke until he felt his body clench around Jensen.

He felt the orgasm as it moved through his veins, down his spine until his balls tightened and he came hard, squirting on his chest and chin and once again making him howl his pleasure. A few seconds later he was joined in a symphony by Jensen as he came. Jared wasn’t sure how far they were in the woods, but it’s possible they woke the neighborhood but Jared couldn’t bring himself to care.

There were going to be repercussions, so once the aftershocks of their orgasm passed, Jared felt Jensen’s hand reach forwards and pull is a damp hair from his forehead and ask in a voice choked with tears, “Why?”

The question didn’t surprise him, but the emotion did, he’d expected anger, not the sadness Jensen was not doing a good job of hiding. Had he read the situation wrong? Had Jensen changed his mind about family?

“I thought you wanted a family, you said I owed you, and I’m paying what I owe.”

“I was wrong to demand that you give me a child you didn’t want and wasn’t ready for, but I was willing to wait. What you did can’t- won’t be undone, but what about you. You don’t want kids.”

Jared thought back to an earlier conversation with Mike who’d told him that he and Jensen needed to talk and they did. Jared’s problem was that he was always waiting for Jensen to being up topics instead of initiating the conversation himself. This misunderstanding was a perfect example.

“I do want a baby, and if it doesn’t take, then we’ll try again. If we wait for the perfect time to have a baby, we’ll be waiting forever. I want this, you want this so let’s for once be on the same page.”

Jensen’s answer was to pull Jared’s face around and give him a kiss.

“What about your health? The doctor said a year; I don’t want to place you in jeopardy for what I think is an attempt to please me.”

“It’s been almost a year, and if you’re worried then we can make a doctor’s appointment to make sure I’m okay?”

“Fine,” Jensen agreed with a smile. Jared knew he was still worried, but that didn’t stop him from trying again when Jared’s heat symptoms came back.

They crept back into the house just before sunrise where they made love once again under the hot spray of the shower. Jeff and Moira were sitting at the table grinning at them when they entered the kitchen, but neither said anything.

It was closer to eight weeks rather than six before they closed on the house, but they were now in their new home. Jared was surprised that this place felt more like home than their old place, but it made sense.

He’d shared that home with Genevieve and Jensen moved in under auspicious circumstances, but now they were both in a place they wanted. The nursery had been placed next to their bedroom and James chose the room on the other side.

The idea of a baby seemed to help speed his recovery. He had a long road ahead of him, but he was better than he’d ever been.

Now here they were settled in their home greeting guests to celebrate the bill that was passed mainly due to public outcry after Jared’s testimony. The bill changed things that Jared hadn’t addressed, but he was pleased.

It’s focus was on turned Omegas and gave them a right to drive, to work. It wasn't perfect, any property Omegas had owned before an Alpha turned them was now the property of the new Omega’s Alpha, but there would be time to change that in the future. Now a turned Omega could retain their property and some monies, but the amount was not yet determined.

Jared looked down at the tiny baby secure to his chest in a baby sling. They named him Caden because of the fight ahead for his future to be equal to his twin, his Alpha sister, Kelly whom James was holding. He reached up to touch the tiny hand with the red Omega symbol on the back and he knew that he would work to secure a future where what he and others went through was nothing but a bad memory.

As he thought back to the night he met Jensen in the parking lot, everything that could go wrong did, but in the end that meeting bought him a mate, closer to his friends and baby that was welcomed.

Life was good.


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I loved this story!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You are a great writer! :)

Thank you for such lovely feedback! It makes me happy that you like my work.

awesome!! i loved this!! great sequel to the first one!!

Thank you. I'm happy with the final result and I'm excited about the response.

I really loved this story. I love these two. I waited all year to find out what happened and you did not disappoint. Thank you so much.

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